“Dan is quite simply the best youth baseball coach in California, and probably the whole country too…”

-Jason Moskowitz, former minority owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers


What parents have to say about Dan Spring, Co-owner and our baseball youth expert

“Dan is quite simply the best youth baseball coach in California, and probably the whole country too.  I send both of my boys to him for private instruction and go out of my way to recommend him to our friends, classmates, and teammates.  His understanding of the technical part of the game is unrivaled and he has what can only be described as a natural gift in communicating with young players so that they understand not  only what is going on with their mechanics but why.”

– Jason Moskowitz, former minority owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers

“Dan is an outstanding teacher on a number of levels.  He has dramatically improved my son’s hitting and pitching fundamentals.  In addition, he has also improved my son’s mental approach to the game.  Dan brings a sense of balance and perspective to his sessions which allows him to communicate broader life lessons.  Most importantly, he does all of this in a spirit of fun and enthusiasm which my son has embraced!”

– Scott Imbach, former Cleveland Indians Pitcher

“Dan Spring coaching includes a focus on fundamentals that are targeted at the level and skills of the player.  He has a keen eye for identifying where deficits exist and has specific strategies to address each unique problem.  Along with skill building, Dan’s focus on the mental aspects of the game and life has had a profound influence on my child.  Overall, his approach has resulted in my son fully appreciating the fundamentals of baseball and continuing to dramatically improve as both a player and a person on and off the field.”

– Eric Daar, Head of HIV Research, UCLA Medical School

“My son is far from the best player on his team – he’s more of a soccer guy.  But after working with Dan, instead of being afraid of the ball and striking out every time, he puts the ball in play almost every at-bat now and also has the confidence to play the infield.  He’ll never be an All-Star in baseball, but thanks to Dan, he has improved tremendously and now loves baseball as a result.   I can’t thank you enough.”

– Danelle Levin, Mom

“Dan is, very simply, the best baseball instructor we have experienced.  He instructs in a very positive and analytical way, breaking down a player’s swing or pitching motion and making careful adjustments so as to achieve solid and effective fundamentals. Dan treats each player in a respectful manner, explaining to the player why certain changes are necessary to achieve success.  He instructs in a way that builds confidence in the child.  The improvement we’ve seen in our son in terms of his baseball ability has been remarkable.  Dan is not only a fantastic instructor, but one of the best role models for our son that we could ask for.”

– Steve Kane, Dad

“My son literally could not make contact with the ball at the plate and had zero clue where the ball was going when he threw it.  After fewer than 3 lessons with Dan, he hit his 1st double to the outfield wall, and is now the #1 pitcher on his Little League Minors team.  Unbelievable!”

– Bob Belke, Attorney

“Just wanted you to know that since Zach has been coming to you we have seen a great improvement with his confidence at the plate.  He is making more contact and is becoming a more productive player. He has only been called upon once this season to pitch and he did a great job getting us out of a tough inning. He continued on and pitched another solid inning.

Your coaching style is great and I see that you relate well not only with Zach, but with all the kids. Great job and thanks for everything.”

– Parent

“Dan teaches great technical skills, but what I’ve really appreciated are the things he’s teaching my son about the mental side of competition.  Those are the lessons that I hope will stick with him for life.”

– Rick, Dad

“I have known Dan from camps and private lessons over the past 7 years. He understands there is more to baseball than technical perfection. Dan also emphasizes developing a love for the game.  He teaches the kids to play baseball the right way, with hustle and good sportsmanship. I highly recommend Spring Training camps and instruction. I wouldn’t take my kids to anyone else.”

– Mike Mallano, RHLL President