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Video Practice Guide — Over 90 Videos ($59 Value)

Are your workouts getting stale? Do you need new drills? Is your team struggling in one area? Do you have no idea where to even start?

Baseball is a game of repetition, and a practice is only as good as the drills you run.

Well these are the best drills for ages 4-12 available. Battle-tested over 10 years and 10,000 players, these drills make young players better, guaranteed! I’ve used these drills to run the best leagues and camps in Southern California for over a decade and simply put, they flat out work.

Baseball practice should be action packed and I filmed these videos with that in mind. I explain the skill and show you the drill. With few exceptions, they are 30 seconds or less and get right to the point. No nonsense. If you want to see it repeated, just watch it again.

I want you to run the best practices in your league. Share your subscription with your team, the parents, and the assistant coaches (no extra fee).   Send a list of the drills you’ll run to your team in advance, and let them watch it with Mom and Dad as home work. They’ll spend 5 minutes getting prepared. Just 5 minutes.

Focus Fixers ($39 VALUE)

Imagine if you could improve the attention span of your entire team if you only had to explain drills once and your team finished every drill without losing focus. Picture a practice where every player (not just your superstars), hustles between stations.

Sounds like a college or high school practice right. Seems impossible with younger kids. Well it isn’t.

I do it every single day on the diamond with ages 6-12 with a handful of special tools and practice strategies that I have crafted over the last decade.

After watching our Focus Fixers videos (total running time of almost 45 minutes) you will be more confident in your practices and your players will be having MORE fun and learning MORE every day.

In Focus Fixers, I give you the 7 secrets I personally use to run the best camps and leagues in California. These 7 strategies work so well, you could use only #1 and it will drastically improve your practices. Imagine if you use all 7. You’ll have the most focused team in your league in no time.

Use them at your next practice and you’ll see an INSTANT improvement, guaranteed or your money back.


“How you run the race – your planning, preparation, practice, and performance – counts for everything. Winning or losing is a by-product, and aftereffect, of that effort.” John Wooden

Great coaches must be organized and prepared for practice – and with our “Practice Playbook” we do the work for you!

We’ve outlined 6 dynamic practices scheduled down to the minute so all you have to do is print the playbook and bring it to the field. Included are tips on how to improve your practice, and places for notes to split up the team into stations and to keep track of competition statistics. Send them to your assistant coaches to save time.

Already have a plan in mind, we have a template for you to stay organized plus additional drills if your looking for advanced programs to take practices up a notch.

Bonus # 1- The Practice Plan Packet
“A Printer’s Nightmare” ($49 Value)

Feel like you have no time for videos? Seem to always prepare practices on the fly? We are adding this “do it all” guide that will help you achieve the results you want, and you can leave it in the car or bag. In fact, you can watch ZERO of our videos, and still get incredible value out of the product with simply this packet. It’s 63 pages, and it has everything I just mentioned. It has the tips, the practices, the drills (and even advanced drills), safety suggestions and more.

We are giving it to you, free with this program. Save it on your desktop for years of use.


Bonus #2 — T-Ball Drills ($19 Value)

We didn’t leave the little ones out Is your team running around in circles? Do you feel like your herding cats? Not sure what sport they are playing after only 5 minutes of practice? No problem, we’ll break it down for you.