The Strike Zone


  Here’s an important question “What’s the strike zone in Little League?” What was your answer? Sorry, you’re wrong, try again. What was your next answer? Sorry, wrong again. At every Little League field in the world, here is the … Continue reading

Coach Buddy Burkhead and Mentorship

Buddy Burkhead

      This is not a site where we will preach personal guidance, or share many personal stories, but we wanted to share an appropriate story, because Dan and I lost an extremely memorable baseball coach a week ago.  … Continue reading

My Tommy John Story

Kerry Wood Cubs Tommy John Surgery

In our About Us page, I briefly mention the fact that I had an “early retirement” from baseball and that it was due to Tommy John surgery. With the surgery popping up seemingly every week on and other news … Continue reading

Coach K Presents Another Great Lesson

Like most Americans, I’ve been watching as much of March Madness as possible and have been excited by all the 1st round upsets. (Hey Warren Buffett, I correctly picked 23 of the first 32 games and have 15 of my … Continue reading

Hit the First Pitch


  One of the worst pieces of advice you can give a hitter is to tell him to watch the first pitch go by! Often times, the first pitch is the best pitch to hit and we need to be … Continue reading

Motivating Players and Yelling

Baseball Fun

Yelling at Players, Simply Does Not Work…   Let’s be succinct, EBA does not believe in yelling at players. Not because we aren’t competitive and not because we don’t want to push our players to succeed, but simply because yelling … Continue reading

Dealing With Pressure

Youth  Baseball Video Coaching

  Pressure Impacts Play, Address it Ahead of Time With the regular season winding down and post-season tournaments and All-Stars right around the corner, it’s extremely important to make sure our players are as prepared mentally as they are physically.  … Continue reading

Setting Realistic Goals


Prioritizing Goals for the Youth Baseball Season With the excitement of another season upon us, setting goals can be an important motivational tool so long as they are realistic, attainable, and within our control. There are 3 types of goals … Continue reading

Protecting Young Arms

tee throw

EBA’s Two Cents About Staying Healthy… This is usually the stage of the baseball season when young player’s arms – especially pitchers – start getting tired.  With a long pre-season here in Southern California and playoffs/all-stars often running well into … Continue reading

Special Hitting Report

Balanced Post

  The #1 Issue Youth Hitters’ Face…   If you’ve been scouring the internet for quality information on how to help your son become a better hitter, then you’ve probably come across one of many websites featuring a professional coach … Continue reading

My Story

Dan Sprng Coaching

In about 3 weeks it will be 10 years (YIKES!) since I graduated from Brown and was drafted by the Tigers, and with both of those milestones looming, I can’t help but look back on the last decade of my … Continue reading

10,000 Hours of Practice


One of my favorite sayings about baseball is that the game doesn’t care how big or strong you are. Another favorite is that baseball rewards hard work more than almost all other sports.   At 6′ 1”, I could try … Continue reading

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